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Welcome to Dents Away University - Our PDR Training School

Dents Away is taking their combined 26-plus-years of experience and creating a comprehensive training school named Dents Away University.

This training experience will be like no other in the pdr industry. We will not only teach the technical aspects of paintless dent repair, but will go further by expanding and emphasizing the salesmanship side of the business.

The strong impact of our salesmanship techniques will help ensure your success in your new career. Graduation from Dents Away University will conclude after 4 weeks of your training. Your first 2 weeks will be technical training (such as how to repair dents). The last 2 weeks will be in the field working side-by-side with Mr. Vince Dunn and Phil Carwane.

We will guide you on how to properly work with dealerships by giving your first-hand experience of actually doing it with this training. You will find this section of the training alone to be worth more that you ever thought. You will also learn to become efficient and effective in dealing with customers.

After you graduate, we will be available to you in a support role. Having support is critical for success in just about any business and we want to help your career become as successful as possible. We are here for our students and graduates.

Remember that this is a school, so be prepared to study hard because we will test you on what you have learned. Our goal is to work closely with you all the way through the course so that you get the most out of your Dents Away University Experience; so good luck. We look forward to seeing you at roll call.

When you are ready to enroll give us a call Or if you have questions, get your information at:

(919) 770-2121.

You can write us with your questions also by sending your mail to:

Dents Away University

P.O. Box 534

Lemon Springs, North Carolina 28355

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Contact us today! You will learn a lot and have a lot of fun doing it!

Dents Away University Course Outline


First 2-Week Course Load:

  • Includes technical training on repairing dents, dings and creases along with restoration techniques
  • 2 Weeks In Shop (Pinehurst, NC) - Note: This training will be handled by Mr. Billy Clark - As mentioned in his bio; Mr. Clark has over 11 years of professional experience in repairing damage from hailstorms.

Second 2-Week Course Load :

  • Includes learning various effective marketing and salesmanship techniques used specifically for the paintless dent repair industry, customer service ethics and satisfaction training, and In-the-Field hands-on training working with dealerships.
  • The second 2-week training course load will be split. One of the second 2 weeks will be spent with Mr. Phil Carwane and the final week spent with Mr. Vince Dunn. We feel that it is beneficial to our students to get different perspectives of this business by the people who have done it professionally for so long.



This training is NOT limited to people that live in the local area. When you enroll into Dents Away University, your enrollment fee of $12,000 USD covers:

What is normally included in PDR training?