Dents Away Photo Gallery

We have comprised some photos of us working that we have taken over the years. In order to view each photo in a larger view, just click on the image below.

Vince Dunn Is A True Artist At His Craft
Mr. Vince Dunn pulling a dent out of a truck Mr. Dunn Tweaking his work to perfection Mr. Dunn fixes a Cadillac
We flat out FIX IT!
We found a small dent in this car.  Could have happend when a grocery cart hit this car. Dents Away fixed the dent and restored the body back to showroom quality. Call Dents Away if you want your dings out.
The Trainers of Dents Away University
Mr. Vince Dunn, Owner of Dents Away, Inc. Mr. Phil Carwane - Trainer Mr. Billy Clark - Trainer
Mr. Vince Dunn, President of Dents Away, Inc. and Dents Away University Mr. Phil Carwane - Trainer of Dents Away University Mr. Billy Clark - Trainer of Dents Away University